Fedavees – Live at ZuZu

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New Year’s Day (a.k.a. National Hangover Day) is normally a very quiet day and night for anything happening in and around Boston, banks are closed and bars are still cleaning up from the New Year’s Eve crowd. This New Year’s Day, MYB was tipped off to a special performance by the Fedavees at ZuZu in Cambridge. Their songs were slick, and played with tight execution but also held a feeling of relaxed groove throughout. What made this performance especially interesting was that the Fedavees also paid tribute to the notorious Beat Awfuls for the second half of their set. Beat Awfuls is somewhat of a local legend around Boston, from what MYB has come to know, it is a project started by Viva Viva vocalist Dave Cave and played with various talents from around the area. The complete anthology of songs by Beat Awfuls entitled “People’s Champ” was recently made available over at davecave.bandcamp.com and look for an upcoming new 7″ from Fedavees this spring through pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS. Thanks to the brothers Allen, Fedavees, Dave Cave and everyone over at ZuZu.


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